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Improve Your Circulation

You can improve your circulation just using your Celluvac cups for 7 minutes, twice a day. But if you want to do more, naturally, add body brushing to your daily beauty routine.


Body brushing  (or skin brushing) is a technique claimed to remove toxic wastes directly through the skin, and to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Use a long-handled, natural-bristle brush or a friction glove available from chemists and follow a daily routine. Like brushing your teeth, brush your body after getting up in the morning, and then last thing before going to bed.

Brush your whole body - except your face - starting gently, then using a firmer action as you get used to the feel of it.

  1.  Start at the feet, including the soles, then move up the legs, back and front, using firm sweeping strokes
  2.  Brush from the hands, up the arms and across the shoulders, then brush the back and buttocks
  3.  Using a gentler action, brush your stomach with clockwise, circular strokes, and then brush the chest and neck
  4.  Finally take a shower, warm water for about 30 seconds, then change to cold water for 30 seconds, repeat several times and dry off
  5.  Don’t forget to do your Celluvac for 7 mins afterwards for maximum impact!

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