The Diet Connection

Mar 9, 2015Carol Burgers
Many naturopaths, beauticians and health specialist all agree that cellulite is very often caused by a build up of toxic waste matter trapped in the body tissues due to poor diet habits. This includes the daily consumption of  highly refined and processed foods, and not enough fresh fruits and vegetables.

The result is pockets of water, fat and impurities that give the skin a dimpled appearance, and is often referred to as the 'orange-peel' effect. This dimpled skin becomes more noticeable if an affected area is bunched up by pinching it around the edge.

Naturopaths usually recommend people with cellulite go on a detoxifying diet that includes plenty of fresh  fruit and vegetables, and the cutting out tea, coffee and alcohol for a minimum of 10 days. This coupled with daily use of the Celluvac treatment, which is recommended by naturopaths, beauticians and health specialist alike, will help minimise and eradicate the appearance of cellulite quickly.

Carol Burgers
IAHB/ITEC (Austria) DIP.Reflexology/Shiatsu/Aromatherapy/Massage

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