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Celluvac for Men - Painless, Effective, Affordable!

celluvac cupping for men

Celluvac for Men - Painless, Effective, Affordable!

Celluvac cupping is a massage modality that finds its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. The practice uses silicone cups to create a vacuum seal on areas of the body. The suction created by this seal brings blood to the surface of the skin which then oxygenates the blood, improving blood and lymph circulation.   Cupping is not painful , however the recipient can walk away with circular "bruises" on the areas where the cups were applied. These marks lesson after a few sessions as the body starts detoxing.

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Improved physical performance and recovery time.

The use of cupping therapy amongst athletes has grown over the last decade.

Cupping is known to be a very effective way to enhance, encourage and even accelerate the body's own immune response to injury. 

The main benefits are encouraging the inflammatory response of the body and speeding up muscular and soft tissue recovery after injury and strain.

Cupping therapy has shown to help relieved chronic pain and improve the range of motion to injured areas. Clients have also reported that the effects lasted longer than the pain relief associated with other massage techniques.

High Quality, Durable & Easy to Use.

According to research studies published in BMC Complementary & Alternative Medicine, more than 50 diseases or symptoms have been treated with cupping. Aside from pain-related ailments, other maladies include respiratory conditions, anxiety, migraines, rheumatism, acne and even cellulite.

The benefits go deeper than physical relief, though, as mental relaxation is a frequent advantage of this modality. While it is one of the lesser-known treatments in TCM, cupping can provide a pleasant and effective experience.

pain relief
stress reduction
lymph drainage
cellulite reduction
poor circulation

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