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Bamboo Body Tapper

Bamboo Body Tapper

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Tapping with bamboo is an ancient Chinese therapy called Pai Sha that works wonders for your general wellbeing. It’s a simple, pleasurable, yet hugely effective way to help support your health.

Body tap for an invigorating self-massage for just a fews minutes a day and instantly improve your circulation and energy levels.

Tap your body post-shower to help increase circulation and blood flow, plus boost lymphatic drainage for higher energy levels. ⁠

  • Release tension⁠
  • Increase circulation for glowing skin⁠
  • Target hard to reach areas such as upper back or back of thighs

Tapping head massage:

Gently tap the top of the head and back of the neck to stimulate circulation and improve the flow of qi (energy) around the body.⁠

How does it work?

According to Chinese medicine an absolute fundamental of health is a good circulation of qi and blood around the body. This flow can be disrupted or stagnate for any number of reasons; a sedentary lifestyle, stress, emotional upset or injuries. ⁠

Impaired circulation will lead to an array of symptoms: aches and pains, atrophy and weakness, low energy, skin issues, bad sleep, sluggish metabolism and digestive issues to name a few. 

Tapping the skin on a daily basis enables the free flow of this all-important circulation. In as little as one-minute a day, an all over body tap can clear areas of stagnation, support lymphatic drainage, release tension and encourage a smooth flow of blood and qi around the body. ⁠

Our skin is our largest sensory organ. So, not only does tapping offer all these remarkable physical benefits, it also feels amazing.