Cupping for Women

Kiss your cellulite goodbye! 

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to use a Celluvac cup. Only a few minutes a day will allow you to finally banish cellulite for good!

What is cupping and how can it reduce cellulite?

Celluvac is based on the ancient Chinese treatment of cupping which stimulates the lymphatic system, extracting toxins and aids a sluggish system.
Running the Celluvac cups along a liberally oiled area, serves to both lift and extract toxins, making them mobile and easy to eliminate via the lymphatic system.
Drinking plenty of water and organic green vegetables juices, help immensely in this elimination process. Using your Celluvac cups for only a few minutes a day is all you need to give your cellulite the boot forever. Like bathing and brushing your teeth, Celluvac should be part of every woman's daily beauty routine!

how to cup with celluvac
kiss cellulite goodbye

Treat yourself to a Celluvac self-massage & enter a world of relaxation and wellness.

The SECRET behind a Celluvac cupping massage is the “negative” or reverse massage action. Unlike acupressure or typical massage which compresses muscles and tissues, cupping massage decompresses and gently suctions and lifts skin tissue.