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Thank you for supporting our South African, female-owned business!

We are so thankful for the love and on-going support received. With love, - The Celluvac Team

Radiant skin, the natural way.

Celluvac offers a range of skin and body care products, sourced by woman, for woman.
Incorporate these natural self-care "rituals" and therapies into your daily routine and connect to your pure, feminine self.

Now is the time to do something loving for yourself.


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Customer Reviews

It is sassy and classy. It is also discrete & elegant. Great to get to know yourself and also to put some focused pressure on tension points anywhere on the body. It is natural and empowering, and "el natural" is always best.

On Rose Quartz Crystal Wand

Deoné C

Have been eyeing this product for years and finally bought one! Wish I bought it years ago, so lovely, calming, refreshing, I keep it in the fridge. Don't forget to leave it in the sun once in a while, to recharge the energy of the rose quartz crystal!

On Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Miranda O

I absolutely love my Gua Sha. It’s become a daily staple in my skincare regimen! I love using it in the mornings, it gets blood circulation going & it helps serums penetrate my skin better. I’ve also noticed a reduction in water retention in my face after I use this tool. I keep it in the fridge & it’s a great way to “wake” my skin up in the mornings.

On Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor - Gua Sha

Gira C
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