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How To Activate Your Divine Feminine Energy With Yoni Eggs And The Yoni Wand

celluvac yoni eggs

I’m always looking for new, fabulous and different ways to get my clients to connect more with their bodies, and feelings and yoni eggs are an incredible practice and tool to build up a deeper connection to your sensuality, which is a big part of embodying your feminine energy.

Feminine energy is all about shifting your energy to get out of your head and more into your body, and yoni eggs couldn’t be more perfect to really create the body connection needed to drop all your thoughts down into your heart, pelvis and vagina so you can connect more to your feeling body and your feminine energy centre. 

I absolutely love how the yoni eggs are rose quartz. 

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Article written by Dana Dasha

Products used: Celluvac Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs, Celluvac Rose Quartz Yoni Wand