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How to use your wooden body gua sha tool for lymphatic drainage.

Gua Sha Body Massage plays a beneficial role in promoting lymphatic drainage. Gentle strokes and rhythmic movements stimulates the flow of lymphatic fluid within the body. This helps to mobilize stagnant lymph, facilitating its movement towards the lymph nodes where it can be filtered and eliminated.

The lymphatic system is responsible for removing waste products, toxins, and excess fluid from the body. By applying specific massage techniques, lymphatic drainage can be enhanced, aiding in the removal of these substances. This can contribute to reducing swelling, edema, and the buildup of metabolic waste.

The lymphatic system is closely connected to the immune system, as lymph nodes house immune cells that help in fighting infections and diseases. By improving lymphatic flow through massage, immune function can be enhanced, potentially leading to improved overall health and a stronger immune response.

Massage therapy, including lymphatic drainage massage, promotes relaxation and reduces stress. When the body is relaxed, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, which supports optimal lymphatic function. By reducing stress levels, massage can indirectly support the body's natural lymphatic drainage processes.

Here's a guide for how to use your wooden body gua sha tool:

  1. Prepare for your Lymphatic Body Drainage routine by moisturising the area you will be massaging. Recommended oil to use is something with a lot of glide. We love our Citrus Massage Oil which allows a smooth glide of the wooden gua sha across your body.

  2. Hold the tool horizontally and begin with gentle strokes from the ankle towards the inner thigh in an upward direction. Repeat this motion 3-7 times on each leg.

  3. Hold the tool vertically and use soft upward strokes on the outer thigh. Repeat this motion 3-7 times on each leg.

  4. Massage the back of your legs by holding the tool vertically. If needed, utilize a step tool or a chair to reach the back of your knees as you stroke upwards until you reach the gluteal fold.

  5. Massage your arms by holding the tool vertically. Use smooth and gentle strokes as you glide the tool from your wrist to your armpit. Repeat this motion on the outer parts of each arm. Perform 3-7 repetitions on each arm.

For optimal results, incorporate this massage technique into your daily routine.

Always move the tool in strokes towards your heart.