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Oedema and Celluvac Part Two

As discussed in Part One last week, oedema  is the term used for the retention of water in a sluggish lymphatic system. This liquid is comprised of impurities and toxins that would normally be eliminated had the system been functioning correctly. Instead of getting flushed out and evacuated from the body, this "heavy" and "dirty" liquid lies stagnant in the lymph. Without intervention, some of this lymph and its impurities end up getting re-absorbed into the body and the hard residue sticking to the tissues just below the skin become those deposits that start forming cellulite. While the Celluvac massage can help stimulate the lymph system and assist the body in getting rid of the stagnant fluid you will find prevention is always better than cure. One of the ways you can prevent this build up is by looking at the food you consume.

Sodium and sodium rich foods that affect fluid retention. 

The human  body is sensitive and is always trying to maintain homeostasis at the cellular level. Your cells are filled and surrounded with water. Around and within those cells specific water percentages are controlled by chemical process which involve sodium and potassium levels, Hormones and proper kidney function.  Generally if you are taking in an excess amount of sodium  (which is easy to do in today's society,) the mechanism which expels the water from your cells is inhibited thus causing them to swell.  This is the basic science behind sodium related water retention.

Foods to avoid that exacerbate cellulite: 

Salty foods  - keeping the salt shaker at bay is good practice.

Processed and preserved meats -  preserved foods contain salt to prevent spoiling by prohibiting the forming of bacteria and to enhance the flavor sodium is added

Canned foods - sodium us added to make sweet things even sweeter, and  it can also mask unsavory or metallic flavors that accompany packaged and processed products

Packaged meals -  microwaved meals, though convenient are high in salt and sodium, as are frozen drinks; instant meals; and toaster snacks

Next week we will discuss the foods that assist our bodies in their fight against Cellulite

Carol Burgers
IAHB/ITEC (Austria) DIP.Reflexology/Shiatsu/Aromatherapy/Massage


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