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Ten Myths about Cellulite!

Did you know that cellulite currently affects 90% of the population? This may be a surprising statistic as you may think that only women with a little excess weight will suffer from this issue, yet this is not always the case.


Here are ten myths about cellulite:

Myth #1: Thin women don’t get cellulite

Believe it or not but cellulite is not caused by your body type. Whether you are thin or curvy you could be susceptible to this problem.

Cellulite is caused by sun damage, age and changes in your weight.

Myth #2: Only the old get cellulite

While it is true that as we age our collagen levels drop resulting in a reduction in your skins elasticity. This does not mean that only the old can suffer from cellulite, it can affect all ages.

Myth #3: Miracle creams can reduce cellulite

While there are ‘proven’ creams that can help reduce the appearance of cellulite these are often expensive and only offer a temporary solution.

Myth #4: Cellulite is just excess fat

Cellulite is not caused by excess fat, however as we age or gain weight the protective layer of fat between or skin and muscle weakens causing this dimpled affect.

Myth #5: Men don’t get cellulite

While cellulite is more commonly seen in women, men can still suffer from it.

The reason it is less common in men is that the tissue connecting the skin and muscle is stronger in men, also their testosterone levels help to burn fat, whereas with females, varying oestrogen levels causes a production of fat.

Myth #6: Cardio can help reduce cellulite

While you can use cardio for weight loss, the truth is that it does very little to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

To remove cellulite you need to do some strength or weight training.

Myth #7: Your clothes can reduce cellulite

This is just rubbish, with those tight clothes designed to reduce its appearance being shown to make it more prominent.

Myth #8: Tanning can reduce cellulite

Tanning may reduce its appearance, but only temporarily. The truth is that tanning could make it develop quicker.

Myth #9: Weight loss could reduce cellulite

For some this may be true, but not necessarily. As mentioned above cellulite is not caused by your overall fat percentage but rather the connecting tissue between your skin and muscles.

If you are a little overweight though, losing a few of those excess pounds will offer other health benefits, while reducing your chances of developing a variety of life-threatening conditions; for example heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Myth #10: Cellulite can be removed with liposuction

Liposuction is used to remove fat from parts of your body, yet wont help reduce the appearance of cellulite. In fact it may make it appear worse, due to an uneven distribution of fat beneath your skin.

There is one cosmetic solution that could help with your cellulite woes called Cellulaze. A treatment that uses a laser to remove pockets of fat, while increasing the elasticity and thickness  of your skin.

Unfortunately this treatment is extremely expensive  so you may be better off using other methods.



Carol Burgers
IAHB/ITEC (Austria) DIP.Reflexology/Shiatsu/Aromatherapy/Massage

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