Honouring your menstrual cycle.

Oct 25, 2022Melanie Burgers

As I start the first phase of my cycle today I am aiming to be more conscious of my body's internal wisdom. We are so programmed to go-go-go, drink more coffee, eat more chocolate, grab food on the go, and crash at night within seconds of hitting the pillow. At the start of my cycle today, I am challenging myself to listen to what my body needs. This is what I am aiming for:

  • Regular work breaks - every 90 mins or when needed.
  • Journal - for the next 28 days take note of emotions, thoughts, self-care, and interactions. Self-care - self-massage (gua sha, body brush), epsom salt baths, essential oils diffuser, slow, gentle yoga, feet on the grass, find a space to listen to nature's music. 
  • Whole-foods: Anything that is available and fresh. 
  • Hydrate: Herbal teas, water, smoothies

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