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Does Cellulite Exist?

The term 'cellulite' was coined by French Doctors and is used to name what they believe is a form of fat that accumulates in women, causing the thighs, bottom, upper arms and stomach to look lumpy and dimpled.

According to many European doctors and health and beauty experts, the cause is believed to be a build-up of waste materials trapped within the body tissues; creating various pockets of water, fat and  impurities, and encouraging the formation of a 'sludge' in the blood, leading to circulatory problems.

However, the theory is controversial, and most doctors in South Africa do not believe that cellulite is a special form of fat and do not acknowledge it as a medical condition in itself.

So... what is the orthodox view regarding cellulite?

Most South African doctors believe that cellulite is simply ordinary fat pulled downwards by gravity, and that when this is lost, so are the dimples. Because if its link with menopause, doctors also believe that hormone changes may be an important contributing factor.

However, research in France, Italy and Germany has indicated that the following are all common in women with cellulite;

  1. Constipation
  2. A poor lymphatic system
  3. Poor circulation, and
  4. Weak functioning of the kidneys and liver

The orthodox approach locally is simply to lose weight.  European commercial cellulite creams, which are massaged into affected areas, are available from most chemists, but the general opinion of the majority of health and beauty experts is that these cannot work in their own

The CELLUVAC  system along with a healthy vegetable rich diet, with plenty of water to aid elimination, is the complete solution to eradicate the cellulite woes that women experience today.

Carol Burgers



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