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Combat Cellulite with Celluvac and Superfoods!

A 75% raw food diet is claimed to prevent cellulite forming, to eliminate existing cellulite and to prevent further build up of the fatty cells that contribute to the formations of cellulite. So, keep up with your Celluvac routine and add these proven cellulite busters to your daily diet!

Beetroot Juice

Beetroot juice helps the liver to break down stored fats. Make fresh Beetroot juice with an extractor, and drink 120ml a day.

Celery Juice
Celery helps remove excess fluid from the body, so is particularly valuable for stimulating a sluggish lymphatic system.It can be eaten raw, or can be enjoyed as a fresh fruit juice cocktail with Beetroot and carrot juice, in equal quantities.

Cucumber is well known for its strong but gentle diuretic qualities that make the kidneys eliminate more wastes. To keep the kidneys functioning at optimum levels one should ideally drink the juice of or eat a large cucumber salad every day.

When in season, these delicious melons can be eaten liberally or enjoyed as a refreshing chilled juice throughout the day. Watermelons are said to cleanse and remove excess fluids from the body ........ A guilt free indulgence with benefits!

Seaweed contains minerals, proteins vitamins and iodine.  Because of its cleansing qualities it is said to promote a smooth skin and to get fats moving in the body.  Kelp (seaweed tablets) are available as tablets, capsules or powder from health stores and pharmacies. Other edible sea plants can be found in some health food stores and oriental food shops.

This superfood is a blue-green algae plant, and is available as tablets, capsules or powder from health stores.  It is held to be highly nutritious, with the added advantage of significantly suppressing the appetite.  It can be taken daily safely in doses of up to 8g a day.  The powder form can be added to smoothies and juices to maximise benefits and which will aid faster absorption.

Eating two or three pieces of citrus fruit a day - including the pith - is also said to help eradicate cellulite


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