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Cellulite: A Holistic Approach

Using your Celluvac Kit twice a day for 7 minutes will give you fantastic results - but what else can you do to maximise it's efficiency?

Many Beauty and Health Therapists are now recommending NATUROPATHY.

Naturopaths  believe that the underlying cause of cellulite may be the typical modern western diet, as it contains too much starch, fat, protein and sugar

A naturopath practitioner will prescribe a diet that includes lots of raw fresh vegetables and a minimum of eight glasses of water a day.  Keep in mind that tea, coffee and other liquids do not form part of the required eight glass quota.

The naturopath may also advise you to combine the diet with 30 minutes general exercise three times a week to improve circulation and general fitness.  However, remember that it is important to check with your doctor before embarking on any exercise regime, to first establish whether you are fit enough to commence a fitness program and if so to determine at which level  you would need to begin exercising.

Combine this natural, healthy approach, with your Celluvac treatment, and getting rid of cellulite will be so much easier, with long-lasting effects.


Carol Burgers


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