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Combating Cellulite with Fresh Juices and Celluvac

Part 1:  Introduction to Raw Juices

Fresh juices are the cleansers of the human system and vegetable juices are the re-generators and builders of the body. Provided the juices are consumed fresh, raw and without preservatives, these juices are subtle in their impact, and yet are more potent than any medicine and without the toxic effect of drugs! The long term effects of consuming raw fresh juices can eliminate or prevent many of the chronic and degenerative diseases with which human beings are afflicted.

Substances derived from raw fresh vegetables may be grouped into SEVEN simple kinds of materials:


  1. Carbohydrates
  2. Proteins
  3. Fats
  4. Minerals
  5. Vitamins
  6. Bio Flavonoids; and
  7. Cellulose


Scientists tell us that many diseases are the result of a diet deficient in trace vitamins and organic materials. Specific conditions such as rickets, malnutrition, anaemia, the conditions of underweight and overweight and even the common cold and other viral disorders can be traced back to a lack of these life-giving units of health.

Fresh vegetable juices satisfy and nourish every one of the twenty-six thousand billion cells of which our bodies are composed.

What do raw juices do for our bodies?

  1. They REVITALISE the bloodstream
  2. They REVIVE the nervous system
  3. They REJUVENATE the glands and organs
  4. They SOOTHE and CLEANSE the acid-irritated tissues

When we consider that vegetables and fruits have been naturally cooked by solar energy; that they contain all the elements the sun and the earth have buried deep in their fibre cells; that they are natures live-cell foods - then it follows as logical that if we crush the juices from the cells of these fresh fruits and vegetables and put their health giving fluid into our bloodstream, we will receive a share of their vital energy.  Raw juices, properly extracted, are second only to raw honey in ease and speed of assimilation.

Keep an eye for Part Two of Juicing with health and skin expert Carol Burgers next week!

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